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Feature phones still outselling smartphones in India as the market grows by 10 percent: Counterpoint by and one operating system that has emerged as the winner has to be KaiOS. This OS is present on devices such as the Reliance JioPhones, Nokia 8110 aka the ‘banana phone’. KaiOS that makes ‘dumb phones’ smart takes on Android, Apple.

Why KaiOS?

KaiOS is the second most popular mobile operating system in India. KaiOS is a web-based mobile operating system that enables a new category of smart feature phones.KaiOS running JioPhone has been the leader when it comes to feature phone sales in India. As per a Jio press release, JioPhone was said to occupy 30 percent of the market share making it a leader in the segment.

KAIos Data


How to design Google Pay (Banking app) for Emerging market users, understanding their context of use and scenarios as they use Smart Feature Phone with KaiOs, also there Gestures and Interactions are very different from IOS and Android Smartphones, to understand better will do User Research, based on user research finding will design Google Pay (banking app) for kaiOs users.

Key points :

  • First-time mobile user challenges like learnability and searchability.
  • Language constraint: English is not the mother tongue for the most users so local language support needed
  • Mobile keypad typing, Small screen Gestures, and Interactions constraint, as these devices don’t have a touch screen.
  • Context of use and scenarios are very different,

User Research:


  • What does your typical weekday look like?
  • How do you currently do Banking and money related things?
  • How much time do you typically spend on mobile?
  • What is the biggest pain point related to using mobile?


Task and Features:

  • Checking Balance
  • Mobile recharge and bill payments
  • Payment Transfer
  • Account details  (ePassbook)

New  Features

  • Apply for Loan (Microfinance)
  • Open bank account
  • Government Subsidies
  • Student & Farmer Banking

User flow :













Free Mockups KaiOs mobile 

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