Top articles on UX best practices for agile working environment (offshore)

1) The Three Levels of UX

 Anne Hjortshoj (UX leadership, research, and strategy. Bostonian)

In this article, I describe the intersections between UX process and Agile Scrum as a three-level framework, which can be applied to increase the strategic influence of the UX team within your organization.

I’m periodically asked by colleagues how the practice of UX intersects with Agile Scrum sprints, given that the practice of UX seems to be all about developing a vision for the product…and isn’t that like a spec? And aren’t specs waterfall? And we aren’t waterfall, we practice Agile Scrum. So…how does that fit with sprints and Scrum, and…isn’t there a conflict?

2)  User Stories – Capturing the User’s Perspective Quickly and Simply from

User stories are a simple tool for articulating the user’s perspective. They are not long, wordy stories to be told around a campfire but rather short (often only a single sentence) descriptions of what a user will do with a part of a system. They are written in plain English or in the language of the business in which they will be used and require no special literary gifts or linguistic talents to


They are particularly important in Agile environments where they facilitate the functionality of a system but can be used in any environment to ensure that design and development are focused on user needs. They deliver the “who”, “what” and “why” of user requirements in a format that can be easily understood by anyone who needs to use them.

3) Top 10 Tips for UX Success From Agile Practitioners

by Hoa Loranger on August 28, 2016

Summary: 125 practitioners share their experience and success stories for improving user experience in Agile projects.

Earlier this year, we asked Agile practitioners at the UX Conference to share tips or techniques that have contributed to the success of their Agile projects.
We received 125 responses from professionals in USA and Singapore. The respondents worked in various-size companies and held different job responsibilities, ranging from UX designers and developers to product owners and project managers. (Obviously, there is some potential bias in this respondent pool which does not include the many companies that don’t invest anything in user experience. However, it is fair to say that the survey responses do reflect practices in organizations who care enough about UX to send their staff to user-experience training.)

4) Designer’s guide to Scrum

Where do designers fit into the Scrum process? Exploring the concept of Agile UX, with advice on improving designer-developer collaboration

When it comes to getting a product out to market,there are several widespread frameworks that organizations use in order to create a fluid and efficient workflow. One of those frameworks is Scrum, which is part of the popular Agile methodology.

We know what you’re thinking. Scrum and Agile – that’s developer stuff, right? After all, Agile is an iterative software development approach used to launch products. Why should we care?

5) 12 Best Practices for UX in an Agile Environment—Part 1by Jeff Patton

12 Best Practices for UX in an Agile Environment—Part 1


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